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Amicus Curiae

Michelle “Mickey” Grant is a rising star in a prestigious Texas law firm. Unfortunately, her career goals firm came with a heavy price—the demise of her marriage to Tyler Grant, who now holds primary custody of their teenager, Reagan. As the holidays approach, Mickey focuses on winning the next case without any idea that her world is about to shatter.

Someone is abducting teenage girls from local mall parking lots and leaving few clues as to their whereabouts. After Reagan goes missing, on Mickey’s watch, just days before Christmas, a suspect is arrested and convicted for the capital murder of one such abductee. Following the trial, the police all but close their files on the open cases of the other abductees. Mickey is haunted by lingering questions, with only one potential source for the truth—death row inmate Willie Lee Flynn—Mickey tries and fails to gain his cooperation, leaving her to rely on her legal resources and the court system... Read More

Unfinished Business

It is late autumn 1997 and seventy-four-year-old Benjamin Digby lives for two things in his golden years—his dear wife, Emily, and the game of golf—in that order, of course. Now as a winter storm quickly approaches Montana, Ben sets out to squeeze in one last round.

Despite the rapidly declining weather conditions, Ben manages to shoot exceptionally well. He exits the seventeenth green with seventy strokes marked on his score card. Although he is certain to record his best score ever, Ben is still not satisfied. A par on the eighteenth will result in him shooting his age—a rare feat in the game of golf. As the wind pelts him with ice and snow, Ben struggles to stand on the eighteenth tee, forcing a club attendant to risk his own safety to rescue him from the raging blizzard. After Ben is returned to the course clubhouse, he believes his one chance at the rare accomplishment has passed. But what Ben does not know is that... Read More