I was born Brian Scott Clary in Houston, Texas as the son of an oil tool machinist and a mom that was a clerical worker in department stores—first part-time then fulltime. I graduated from Sam Houston High School, a school at which Lyndon B. Johnson coached a debate team. With the benefit of a one year scholarship, I then enrolled at Sam Houston State University, allowing me, as a freshman, to brag that I was in my fourth year at Sam Houston. After three years there, I received a Bachelor of Science degree in political science, becoming the first in my family to graduate from a college. Thereafter I was accepted to law school at the South Texas College of Law in Houston and received a Juris Doctorate degree in 1987. The focus of my legal career was in the practice of civil litigation working primarily on the defense side, representing individuals and companies being sued for civil liability. Five years into my litigation practice, I received a board certification from the Texas board of legal specialization in the area of personal injury trial law.

I married my wife Nina, in 1991 and by the Grace of God and an extraordinary amount of patience on her part, we are still happily married and raising two young – rambunctious – glorious boys. Over the years, when not toiling in a law office, I have enjoyed hanging out with my boys, playing golf—though I’ve all but given that up, spending time with my family, volunteering as an officer and director for Golfer’s Against Cancer, a national cancer research charitable organization, and co-hosting a radio program: Hearsay with Chris Tritico and Brian Clary (2001 to 2007).

I began writing stories in the late 1990’s thinking then that only family members and descendants would ever see them. Most trial lawyers are good story tellers, they have to be that and have the capacity to persuade to be successful. But I understood early on that “story telling” is not “writing” and simply describing situations, real or fictional, is more news reporting—than literature. With no formal training in writing, other than that which is used in legal briefs and pleadings, which also is not literature or very interesting for that matter, I knew I had to learn how to write. I have found trying to write, well, to be as frustrating as the years I tried to play golf. Like golf, writing is not something that you master, it’s something that you cope with and pray for incremental improvement and for both you have to have the humility to accept and heed criticism. I am humbled when anyone takes the time to read something I have written and outside the birth of my children, I have had no greater feeling of joy, than learning that someone did read me and enjoyed it.

Brian works as a lawyer at The Clary Firm, P.C. and is a vintage sports memorabilia collector and dealer at 20th Century Baseball.